Soulful Guidance for Soulful Women

For Soulful Artists, Healers and Creative Entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their light to build a life and business of wealth and abundance

Hey there! My name is Jaclyn Gagnon and I'm a Soulful Life + Biz Coach, Creative Entrepreneur and Artist.

I believe that there is a light inside each and every one of us that guides our souls.

This light is our gift, our power and also our source of wealth.

It is up to us to find and nurture this light.

It is up to us to share this light.


And illuminate the world.

Ways that I support women who are ready to commit to their light

Soulful workshops, intimate gatherings, intensive trainings, In depth Coaching, and magical heart-centered  retreats are just some of the ways I can support a woman who is ready to step into her light and create a life and business of wealth and abundance.